10lb Ready-to-fruit Mushroom Block

10lb Ready-to-fruit Mushroom Block

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You up for a little homesteading? You don't need to wait till spring! Now you can grow your own mushroom patch anytime, anywhere with these fresh ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks. This product is perfect for those who want to try out mushroom cultivation before they commit to purchasing any equipment. It allows anyone with an open mind and empty countertop to give farming a whirl without strings or commitment.

Ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks are an easy and affordable way to grow fresh mushrooms at home. Several different mushroom species can be grown at home with ease. You can grow them indoors or outdoors, depending on the mushroom species and where you live. And there are no tools required – just open the bag and spritz with water. It is that simple. They’re environmentally friendly too!

With these kits, you can be sure that every mushroom will taste better than if it came straight from the farmer's market or grocery store without having to pay that high price. These kits also make great gifts for people who love cooking with fresh ingredients.

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