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Mushroom Grow Class

Mushroom Grow Class

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Begin your exploration by understanding the unique characteristics and culinary potential of each gourmet mushroom variety. Uncover the intricacies of their growth and witness the magic as they transition from mycelium to fruiting bodies.

The course places emphasis on creating an ideal environment for fruiting, both indoors and outdoors. Explore the fundamentals of substrate selection without the need for extensive sterilization processes. Learn to balance factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting to facilitate a bountiful mushroom harvest. 

As your mushrooms mature, explore proper harvesting techniques and gain insights into post-harvest care. Discover how to preserve the quality and flavors of your home-grown treasures, ensuring they enhance your culinary experiences.

Throughout the class, participate in discussions, ask questions, and troubleshoot any challenges specific to the fruiting stage. This class is an invitation to experience the joy of seeing your gourmet mushrooms come to life without the need for extensive sterilization procedures. Join us for an enriching journey into the art and satisfaction of cultivating your own gourmet mushroom fruits at home.

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